Just a few words up front about my book HEAD EAST: A LABOR OF LOVE. It is not a "Tell All" which may disappoint a few people. It is a book about how much fun we had out conquoring the world, not about how ashamed of ourselves we should be. Oh sure, I talk some about groupies and the drugs that were involved and a few run-ins with the law, but overall, it's a book about how much fun Rock 'n Roll is for not only the band, but everybody we came into contact with. Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com ---- You will enjoy it!

THE BLACK BEAUTIES - - - What a wonderful set of tubs!

The One the Only, ROGER BOYD - - - My partner in Crime for 50+ years.

We made "Record Store Appearances" in practically every major city we played in for several years. This was a lot of fun but it also got very old after about 30 or more days on the road. Too bad my book wasn't available then! Now it's at Amazon.com, it's... Head East: A Labor of Love

This is an actual shot of HEAD EAST on stage at Superjam in Busch Stadium. "Dead Giveaways" are Roger's keyboard arrangements, Dan's white vest and pants, and Mike's Marshall stacks.

I think this is a very cool picture of Mike and John. Thanks again Galbraith!

THIS is the way I like to remember the good old dayz in the dressing room backstage at a HEAD EAST CONCERT. Mike, John, Roger and Dan all lined up "proper" for the photo while yours truly pays attention to the really important things. Again I say, "This was fun!"

These are just a few more of my favorite picures of HEAD EAST conquoring the world.

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You may order my book: HEAD EAST: A LABOR OF LOVE at Amazon.com

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The Front Line! Eddy is on the riser just outta range to the right. Let 'em have it boyz!

Nah, that ain't fun... Thanks to Kas, Jill, and Paul for great photos!

What the audience saw in the 1970s - photo by Galbraith

This was the truck that out ran every other band's rented truck. 800 ci diesel

The Michigan Surprise

Thousands of people came to rock, AND GET THEIR BOOKS SIGNED!!! I am so very happy and proud that Michigan folks are still in the Head East Family! We haven't been there in many years, but they were  3,000 strong in the River Casino Event Center (Sold Out) and after the show, insisted that we sign albums, T-shirts, and as I said, so many had my book in hand!


Road Crew shot - supposed to be workin' - instead he's shootin' pics. Good job!

Mike Somerville and Glen Bridger. It is SO GREAT to see Mike having fun!

Me and John doing what we love to do!

Me, John, and Darren. Wow, Head East has THREE lead singers at Reunion Shows!

This is from the "Private Event" that was listed on the Band's Official Website. It was at a private residence in a buiding they call the "Rock House" and is located by the Rock River just outside Dixon, Illinois. It is truly a beautiful place and the people there are wonderful folks!


L-R: Roger, Me, and John on-stage at the ROCK HOUSE near Dixon, Illinois (You can kinda see Eddy behind the kit)


Left to Right: Roger Boyd - Steve Huston - John Schlitt - Mike Somerville

True HEAD EAST fans know that Steve (L) and John (R) did 99.9% of the Lead Singing. But EVERYBODY sang backup, and sang it well!

HEAD EAST: A Labor Of Love    A book mostly about Head East Adventures

Available at:



And a few other licensed online outlets but these are the majors.


Retrospection: Now after a little time has passed the totality of the Reunion experience is beginning to sink in; the fact that after 39 years, the original guys in Head East are back on stage together again, we’re all friends again, and the music is wonderful again.

And a greater and somewhat unbelievable part of it all is, our long-time fans, not all of them of course, but still a huge contingent of loyal and dedicated followers were there at the very first weekend grooving, dancing, and singing every song right along with us! I realize now that the fans will be there, whenever we get close enough for them to be there: We have not been forgotten.

Thank you is an inadequate expression of how we all feel towards you and about you. For a long time we have used the expression, The Head East Family and that connotation has never meant more than this year when Head East celebrates 50 years of rock.

You folks know who you are and so do we. We've all been together in this experience: Through thick and thin, good times and bad, in sickness and in health. Sounds like we're married doesn't it? The difference I think is, there's just way more good times than being married. Wow, I'm a sarcastic bastard, ain't I?

On a personal note, the highest praise I received at this first weekend of Reunion Concerts was people getting up in my face and saying, “Steve, you’ve still got the pipes brother!” . . . Brought tears to my eyes.

I hope to see so many more of you before this year is over!





I'm back in Texas for a few weeks before the next Reunion Concerts begin. The roses are blooming (again), my tomato buds are turning into tomatoes, the car is runnin' good (maybe a little too good), and the sun is warm. Once again, it's all good! And oh, by the way - several have asked and yes, this is where Kas and I live.


People tell me they don't know how to get the book - well, I admit that info is farther down this long page so here it is, and you can take your choice:

Amazon.com and if you have Prime, no shipping charge.


Just about any live Head East concert.

Recently, the price has been adjusted downward but only slightly. Once again may I add that the publisher set the price, not me. I'm just the originator, much like the songwriter that gets a fraction of what his song brings in. Such is life. But it's all good!

Just hangin' out at the Olivette Diner in good ole St. Lou - used to be the RITE WAY Diner where the back cover photo of Flat As A Pancake was shot.


The Gulf of Mexico at dawn! Ahhhhh.

I never thought my book would become popular in any foreign countries: But the United Kingdom and Australia are kinda sorta like the United States, at least in the way they like good ole, Classic Rock - and stories about it.



Just wanted to remember our departed buddy DAN BIRNEY. Wild Horses could not keep him away from doing the 2019 Reunion Concerts! Here he is in a candid moment between songs at the Texxas Jam in the Cotton Bowl. He would be at the shows if he could . . .

From the Wildey Theater balcony. Photo by Dana Chapman.

Thank You Wildey Theater !   

More News:

Recently I had the pleasure of appearing on two of the finest Rock Music Radio Stations in Southern Illinois. Mama G (Ms. McNamara) did me the honor of interviewing me on WDLJ (Breeze/Carlyle & the World via streaming) and WDML (Mt. Vernon/Centralia) by Dave Listers on his show, McGuire in the Morning. My thanks to both of these prominent radio personalities for inviting me to join them for what I found to be a very enjoyable chat. I hope many of you had the chance to hear our conversation and I urge you to tune in these great morning Rock Shows if you don't already.

This is the Global Press Release put together by my Publisher and is being used in the United Kingdom and several European countries, as well as Japan and Australia. The one for the USA is currently only being displayed on Barnes and Noble for the Kindle, (as far as I can tell) and it doesn’t always show up for some reason.

Anyway, lets say you live in London and you’re reading the “New Books Section” in the newspaper. . .


Author Steve Huston’s new book “Head East: A Labor of Love” is a collection of stories that highlight life as a member of a successful American rock band in the 1970s. Published by Newman Springs Publishing this is a unique story about the life that millions of people dream of; fame and fortune, rock and roll, and a lifestyle few people have the chance to experience. This thrilling collection of stories addresses over a dozen interesting aspects of the lives of rock stars, life on the road, the drugs, the women, the companionship, and the love of music that drove musicians to success.

Readers who wish to experience this fascinating work can purchase “Head East: A Labor of Love” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

..............................................................................THE PAPERBACK WILL BE AVAILABLE AT SELECTED HEAD EAST SHOWS


The DOWNLOAD BOOK is online and cheaper than the paperback. But, I am one of those people who likes to hold a book in my hand as I read it.  To each, his own.

In Response To So Many Requests: I simply can't send you a book even if you ask nicely.... (and so many have, thank you!)
The book must be sold though licensed dealers such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon. There are just a few others.

This brings back memories of when Head East would have a new album out and friends would ask me for one...  as if I had cases of them under my bed at home. I didn't. But if I did, I would have handed them out. Same deal with books; I have been granted permission for limited numbers of copies to be sold at the 50th Anniversary Reunion Shows during 2019 and will be happy to sign any books that appear in front of me whether you bought your copy there or have had it since it came out in October.

The book has 236 pages, 33 stories altogether, and 23 photographs, several in full color including the front and back covers. 


Long Live the Head East Family!



True Head Easters will recognize this as the back cover photo of FLAT AS A PANCAKE on Pyramid Records.

Hello, I'm Steve Huston

Welcome to my webpage. Most everyone reading this right now knows that I am one of the original founders of the rock group Head East. Roger Boyd and I started the band when we were in high school and it flouished into the Classic Rock Band that lives on today.


Here I will provide some information about myself that I am asked about frequently. I have put in place a forum space for your comments and please respect the ground rules about being nice to eveyone. No rude or vulgar comments will be displayed. You may make your comments at the bottom of this entire website.

Thanks for visiting.

This costume was created by one of the lovely ladies who custom made our stage clothes. "Yat" was a nickname I picked up in college, and it has stuck with me ever since. The lady costumer who made this thought it would be a cool look for the stage and I agreed to wear it. But I really do not know what the name means...

I am THE YATMAN! Many of you know this is the back cover of my book, " Head East: A Labor of Love."

THIS IS MY STORY (at least most of it)



I'm writing this biography myself rather than have you read some of the things I've seen written about me when somebody else wrote it. They weren't always bad or poorly written, they were just sometimes a bit incomplete or a little inaccurate, in my opinion.


Most of you know my true love has always been Head East. In my book I explain many things that don't need to be repeated here so I recommend that you read Head East: A Labor of Love by yours truly for yourself. The book was released in late October 2018 and is available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com in paperback form and is also downloadable to computer and tablet.


I grew up out in the country in Southern Illinois and am grateful that I did; living among good people taught me how to be a good person and I hope I am sucessful in my attempts at being considered worthy of your friendship.


Music has and always will be my passion, however mainly because of insistance from my parents, I attended college (on and off) for over the first 40 years of my life. First was Kaskaskia in Southern Illinois and then I went on to Eastern Illinois University but left school in favor of pursuing a professional music career.


Those years were wonderful years and the band saw a great deal of success. During my time as an original member of Head East we were signed to A&M Records of Los Angeles, were awarded gold records, toured almost constantly and ultimately played at festivals held in Major League Baseball and NFL Football stadiums. I retired from the stage in the early eighties.


After leaving the band I started working in a recording studio owned by a good friend because I felt actual envy for recording studio engineers and producers because they were so very good at the things I wanted to do. Over the years I learned this craft from my friend and a few other excellent engineers and after much hard work, attained the title of Chief Engineer.


Once static rather than mobile, it was possible to return to school and with a nickle in my pocket from being in a successful band, I finished my undergraduate degree at Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, New Jersey. Not believing that it was enough, I enrolled in and graduated from, a graduate program at the University of London in England.


While working as Chief Engineer in a recording studio in Houston, Texas where I relocated to make my home there, I was offered and accepted a position in a highly respected private college known as the Art Institute of Houston, where I taught Audio Production in their $1.6 million state of the art recording studio for 20+ years.


While enjoying that time, I returned to school once more to acquire a Masters Degree in Audio Production from Goddard College, located in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, just to ensure there could never be any question about my academic credentials.


I am retired now, well mostly. I was seriously injured in 2015 and because of that surgery, my drumming is very limited these dayz but I still bang around on my kit at home where I "entertain myself and annoy my neighbors." But I still join the band that will last forever on stage from time to time and have an absolute ball with them and enjoy the company of the "Head East Family" who are a collection of great, caring, and wonderful fans.


I still produce a recording project now and again when it "seems and feels right" to do so, and am active in my church. Kas, the love of my life and I share our home together and she is very good to me and very good for me. She still refuses to retire completely from her own business and occasionally still acts and sings with Community Theater. I totally agree with friends who say, "I am a very lucky man!"

Just a bit more about HEAD EAST: A LABOR OF LOVE


This book is a collection of stories mostly about my time in the band. There are a few short references to other times in my life to explain who I am and why I'm like that, (ha) but it's pretty much a book about HEAD EAST and what that entire experience was like and what it was all about.


It took a very long time to compile these memories, I would guess I've been "working on this project" for many years. I used to keep a journal when we were constantly on the road and when that was full, started using hotel stationery and scraps of paper. I stashed everything in my acoustic guitar case that I carried much of the time, not always, but remember we were under contract and were required to come up with new tunes for new albums even if the task at hand was a tour.


The publishing company has been both a blessing and a curse in that they consistently tried to "convert" my expressions into proper English composition as dictated by the Chicago Manual of Style, the "bible" as it were, for written works. After literally months of disputes here and there, I usually won these disagreements. One example: I had to be firm in stating that the name of the album I am "talking about here" is NOT "Getting Lucky." It's Gettin' Lucky. There are numerous other examples where the entire meaning was getting lost. I realized that I had to let the editors "win a few battles" in order for me to "win the war." Overall, I am very pleased with this effort and I hope you will be too. Let me brag a little... those who have sent messages about reading the book. . .  say they like it!


Another thing I wish to point out is this book will cost a little more than the average run-of-the-mill paperback because I also won the fight about color. They wanted all of the pictures in black and white and I said NO. Many of the photos in the book are in fact black and white pictures but I wanted the color pictures printed in color. Duh.


They said that it would make the book cost more to buy. I said it didn't matter how many copies got sold. They said I was crazy. I thought Good, now they know that too.



The actual book size is 9" X 6"


The Foreword by Brad Martin is a very well written piece. Send him a "hello and well done!" on FACEBOOK!